Women Corner

Women Helpline

Police Department of District Dera Ghazi Khan has launched a new scheme to aid women in distress. Women Helpline Units have been established at different localities like the Model Police Station city Dera Ghazi Khan (Contact # 064 - 9260139), Complaint Cell DPO Office (Contact # 064 - 9260558) and Rescue 15.

Lady Staff at Women Units

Lady police staff is deployed specifically at the women units to entertain the complaints and redress the grievances. These units are providing prompt assistance round the clock to women in distress. Beside these units, a sub-committee of Citizens’ Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) is also working to provide the assistance.


Ladies are particularly vulnerable to certain types of crime, including sexual assault. If you are a victim of any crime, report it to the police, immediately. The victim should try to remember and identity the offender for progress of complaint e.g. complexion, physique, height, weight, age, type of clothing etc. If possible note down the information and do not dispose of any physical evidence e.g. hair, blood stains or skin samples. Some of the examples of women concerns are as under:  

  • They are followed/ stalked
  • They have car troubles while travelling alone on the highway
  • The actions of a spouse or partner make them feel threatened
  • They arrive home and find a door or window open
  • They are sexually assaulted