Public Relation Officer

The Public Relation/Information Officer (PRO/PIO) is responsible for all dissemination of news and information to the media and the public. The duties and responsibilities of the PRO/PIO include:

  •   Assisting news personnel at the scene of incidents
  •   Assisting the news media on an on-call basis
  •   Preparing and distributing news releases
  •   Arranging news conferences
  •   Coordinating the release of authorized information

Public Relation/information officers (PRO/PIO) keep citizens informed about the activities of Police Department he/she works for. PRO/PIOs may be spokespersons, or they may serve as advisers to those who will appear on camera. We perform media and public relations duties for, in our case, the DG Khan Police Department, its District police Officer.

Working with Media

Public information officers serve as a liaison between their government department and the media. We write news releases, plan news conferences and respond to inquiries from the media. We escort reporters/photographers who come to a government facility for interviews or photographs. PRO/PIOs are expected to maintain an archive of news clippings about the department. We also respond to open records requests submitted by reporters.

Informing the Public

In addition to facilitating and generating media stories, PRO/PIOs keep the public informed through direct communication. We prepare printed and electronic newsletters, brochures and posters and write/place articles for print media, radio and/or television. We also answer phone calls from citizens and, in conjunction with the DPO's PRO/PIO, operate government access channels on cable television.